Moving To A Smaller Home and Downsizing

If you or an older loved one is considering moving into a care facility, you’ll have to find ways

to downsize your current household and choose what you should keep in your new home.

Downsizing is difficult and can take an emotional toll. Before calling any Bayonne movers, you’ll

need a plan when taking on this task. So how do you start?

● Find a place for belongings

Most people feel more comfortable giving away personal belongings to family and friends

over charities. Doing it this way doesn’t really feel like getting rid of it thus making it an easier

process. Decide amongst family members who gets to take what and you lessen your current

So before deciding what you will be giving away, ask your family and friends if they are

interested in taking a few things. The next step will be to choose which auctions or charities you

want to donate to. Have some sticker labels ready when you go around the house so you know

where each item will go.

● Study the new home

If you can, get a layout of the new home and learn the exact size of it. Choose what big pieces

of furniture you want to take with you. If you know what can and can’t fit, this makes deciding

much easier.

Have some measuring tape ready and note down the size of beds, nightstands, dressers,

chests, and anything else you are considering to move.

● Assess each room

Start with the least used roms like the attic, the basement, laundry room, or any spare room. It’s

generally easier to get rid of things in rooms that are mostly storage areas since there is usually

less sentimental value in these rooms.

Prepare packing supplies and start one room at a time. Sort out the contents, pile them up, and

pack. Pick one room of your house to keep donations and things you are giving to friends and

Here are a few questions to help you progress with your packing and organizing:

1. When was this last used?

2. How often do I use this?

3. What is this object’s purpose to me?

4. Do I own something that can do the same thing as this object?

5. Does this object have sentimental value?

6. Can I make do without this object?

7. Is this object in good condition?

8. Do I need to repair this object?

9. Do I know anybody who would like this object?

10. Can I use this object in my new home?

● Empathize

Keep in mind that moving is a difficult process. It can affect a persons mental and physical well-
being and is emotionally tiring when the Bayonne movers come. Downsizing is a big change

and will have big effects on a person’s lifestyle. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. Remember that the goal is not to throw away your valuables but to simplify your life.

2. Take extra measures to be patient and kind.

3. Be prepared to be upset or deal with upset family members.

4. Take it slowly and rest if you feel overwhelmed.

5. Give yourself grieving time.

Once the whole process is done, be sure to celebrate with your family. It’ll help with transitioning

to their new downsized home.

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